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Urbangex Ambassador Program

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Do you know how to post Instagram stories?

If the answer is Yes then you can earn $300 monthly!

At URBANGEX™ we design premium high-quality streetwear with some unique inspiration from Urban and Japanese culture.
The URBANGEX brand was launched end of 2017 with a first collection of a few limited items which ended up out of stock after only a few days.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our support team takes care of after-sales support to ensure optimal assistance and satisfaction within few hours. Today, thousands of customers are satisfied with the quality of our products. The reason is simple our products are carefully designed, crafted and shipped.


We have reopened the Urbangex Premium Ambassador program for a few slots and now is your chance!

If you’re a fan of Streetwear fashion and Urban culture, we would be happy to integrate you to the team!

Registrations are limited, there are less than 20 slots left, so register quickly!

How does it work?

When you get selected as an Ambassador you receive your customized discount code for your friends and followers.

Then it's very simple, when someone uses your code and buy something from Urbangex, they get a 15% discount on that purchase and you earn 10% of the total order amount after discount!

For example: 

  • John orders a jacket worth $129.00
  • Thanks to you and your discount code he only pays $109.65
  • You receive your 10% commission, $10.96, on that single sale!

We have items from ranging from $29.00 to $129.00 and usually our fans buy several items per order!

So there’s no limit and you can do as many sales as you want per month!

And things can go very fast, look at the table below about the earnings you can expect based on some of our ambassadors!

Sales per day Your Daily earnings Your Monthly earnings Your Yearly earnings
1 order per day $10.96 $328.80 $3,945.60
2 orders per day $21.92 $657.60 $7,891.20
3 orders per day $32.88 $956.40 $11,836.80




"I signed up to the program one night just to test. Then I shared my coupon code with my Instagram subscribers, and the very next day I earned $12.90! Two people had used my code to buy on Urbangex. On the first month, I ended up earning $ 232“ 


"I was hesitant at first, as I don't really like affiliate systems, but the products were very nice so gave it a try. And it worked! Today, I regularly promote the brand and I make an additional pocket money between $400 and $480 each month which allows me to go out with my friends more often". 



When will I be paid and how?

We will give you access to your own dashboard where you can track your own sales and your commissions in real-time as soon as somebody orders!

Your earnings will be transferred every month to you by PayPal, which is the most reputable and secure payment service for sending money online. You can either keep the balance in PayPal and shop with it on the Internet, or transfer it to your bank account.

What are the conditions to become an ambassador?

Now pay attention, we do not accept just anyone, your details and Instagram account will be analyzed by our marketing team. First of all you must meet the following conditions: 

  • 13 years old minimum
  • 3 posts minimum on Instagram
  • 100 subscribers minimum on Instagram

How can I promote Urbangex?

Don't worry, you don't need to be a salesman! You will receive a complete Step-by-step How-to's and access to all our high quality resources to promote Urbangex products like a professional marketer!

To promote our brand, it's very easy. You can simply talk about it to your friends in your social networks Facebook or Instagram. Keep in mind, the more people uses your code, the more money you will earn! 

You will regularly receive tips from us via email, but here are a few from our ambassadors who generate the most money

  • Put your customized link to the shop and  your discount code in your Instagram BIO
  • Post 1 to 3 posts per week
  • Post 1 story every day or every other day

I don't think it will work for me as I don't have enough follower count and engaged community...

Again, don't worry, this is where the magic will happen!

You just need
to start promoting Urbangex products and tag us @urbangex in your posts and stories! 

Then, within few days, we will repost your posts in front of thousands of fans and followers which will bring your profile great visibility and credibility, you will then become known in the HUGE streetwear community and gain more and more followers!

Am I committed to something?

Absolutely not, and we insist on this. This program is totally free for you and by joining the program, you are not committed to anything or any result. You can wake up one morning, decide to stop our collaboration and you can delete your account from our Ambassador platform in one click.

Why do people buy from us?

  • Our products are unique and cannot be found in traditional stores. 
  • Our customer service is really reactiveand usually responds within 12 hours.
  • We care about offering the best possible quality 
  • We do regular sales 
  • Our payment system is secured
  • We provide free delivery worldwide


Why become an ambassador?

You will learn how to become a professional marketer!

Learning is useful for anybody, learn how to sell is a wonderful asset that is useful every day in anyone’s life! All this knowledge, the Urbangex marketing will give you for free and will train you! They will give your tips, and you can reach the marketing team for any question at any time!


No locked-in contract, you are free!

As a brand ambassador, you are independent. You are totally free to choose when you want to promote the brand or not. The gains are the pure result of your efforts.


You get special discounts just for you! 

By becoming an ambassador, and so that you can discover our brand, you have the privilege of receiving a huge -30% discount code, on one order in our online shop. That's almost same as our complete shop being on sale just for you!


You receive super gifts!

We are going to send you gifts on a regular basis. For every 50 orders made on your behalf, we send you a great gift


Registrations are limited, currently there are less than 20 slots left, so register quickly!

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